In-Accord Resolution Services

In-Accord provides mediation, group facilitation and conflict resolution training services throughout the Northwest. For over fifteen years, In-Accord’s principal Chris Sheesley has helped thousands of clients – businesses, government agencies, and individuals – reach positive solutions, improve working relationships and learn dispute resolution skills. Employees, managers, human resource professionals, EEO staff and many others have enjoyed the benefits of restored relationships and enhanced communication through In-Accord Resolution Services.

Differences of opinion are unavoidable. Having them damage the work environment is not. We hope you will take a minute to discover how our services can assist you in building a strong, healthy organization.

You helped WCD tremendously in figuring out how to go about the work of reviewing what we do, how we do it and how we could improve our effectiveness. You did this with great patience and humor. Feedback from our staff and managers was consistently very positive about their work with you. You demonstrated yourself to be a very skilled facilitator in a number of different settings. You also provided the executive management team with greater insight into how the process was working. You were straightforward and timely with providing feedback from review participants, which helped us to identify potential issues needing to be addressed. I'm very impressed with your work, Chris.

- John Shilts, Administrator
Workers' Compensation Division