Abbey (she/they), working in this field since 2014, has shared her skills as an effective, authentic and compassionate mediator in over 500 hours of mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation and training. She a cis, white woman who brings her equity awareness into her mediation practice in ways that support parties to get at the root issues of conflict. In addition to working with In-Accord, her other roles are as the Mediation Coordinator with a local governmental agency, a trainer and facilitator Resolutions Northwest and other providing other mediation services.

Recently, Abbey received a call from a colleague who had a challenging case to refer. Sibling co-owners of a Portland-based business needed a mediator who could handle both the depth of their personal relationship and the complexities of their business. Abbey was able to help them deepen their understandings of each other, sort out their professional concerns and identify what each needed in order to reach a fair outcome.

When Abbey is not mediating she is renovating both a house and an adventure van. She lives with an adorable dog, two cats and a fish in SE Portland.

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Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Facilitation and Training

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