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Bruce is an experienced executive and HR professional with a passion for helping teams, leaders, and organizations achieve success. With over three decades working in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, from telecom to healthcare, Bruce has been able to effectively train/coach/manage individuals and
teams at all levels of an organization to be their best. His broad human resources expertise includes employee and labor relations, workplace investigations, training and development, coaching, compliance, compensation, benefits and recruitment. His work with In Accord focuses on workplace investigations as well as organizational development and coaching.

Known for his strong business acumen and collaborative working style, Bruce has held leadership and board positions including Chief Administrative Officer, Director of HR Operations, and board member of Willamette Valley Community Health (WVCH) the coordinated care organization serving Marion and Polk Counties. Trained in Lean Process Improvement and mentored by a Lean Sensei from the Toyota Production System, Bruce has implemented and executed myriad Lean improvements and management system. In helping organizations develop and improve cross-department collaboration, Bruce has been able to facilitate teambuilding activities in a variety of settings. In one instance, Bruce was brought in to work with two warring departments and facilitate a Perspectives training aimed at identifying the baseline working styles and stress shifts for the different departmental employees. By gaining insight into each other’s differences in working style they were able to forge a much-improved working relationship between the departments.

Bruce holds a bachelors from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MBA from Oregon Health Sciences University/Portland State University. Bruce is past

president of the Salem Art Association, quenches his entrepreneurial spirit with real estate development, and is an avid volleyball player and hiker who enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Stephanie and her two sons.

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Communication, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Facilitation

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