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Candi Danielle


Candi is passionate about helping parties gain mutual understanding while reconciling their interests. She brings to this process her sunny optimism and a novel perspective born from a profound degree of empathy. Her philosophy is that an equity tide lifts all boats. To that end, Candi is skilled in mediation, cross-cultural communication, negotiation, facilitation, and training.

Candi is an experienced educator who has worked with students of varied backgrounds while facilitating classes on the Sociology of Conflict and the Sociology of Conflict, War, and Terrorism, among other topics.

As a lifelong learner, Candi holds a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and a certificate in Global Arbitration Practice and Law. She recently added to her toolbox with Restorative Justice Dialogue Training in September 2022 and, in January 2023, a trip to Israel for a course on Conflict Resolution from the Perspective of Religious Traditions.

Candi anticipates receiving her JD from Lewis and Clark in February 2023. As a law clerk, Candi has helped clients find solutions in eviction, housing, bankruptcy, employment, and immigration.

She spends her free time volunteering as a mediator with Clackamas County Small Claims Resolution Ceator and the Beaverton Baha’i Community as a teacher. She also enjoys painting in different mediums and practicing flute, piano, guitar, and a number of ballroom dances while frequenting various studios. After acquiring Arabic and Spanish in the service of the US Air Force, Candi traveled the world and worked in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Colombia. Candi and her biracial son now add to the tapestry in a diverse Beaverton, Oregon, neighborhood that helps her maintain her language skills and attempt a few more.

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Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Facilitation and Training

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