Suzy Driver


Suzy Driver, an In-Accord-associated coach, is a life-long learner, observer, and spiritual seeker who brings diverse talents, interests, and skills to the work she engages in with her clients. Uniquely qualified with a background as an expert negotiator, facilitator, mediator, and lawyer, she is also grounded in the practice of coaching those eager to grow professionally and personally.

During the past 30 years, Suzy has worked as an attorney representing Indian tribes and the federal government, negotiator and mediator resolving natural resource disputes, facilitator of personal and organizational strategic planning processes and teacher of conflict resolution.

Suzy’s current, dedicated work mirrors her transition from resolving client conflicts to encouraging clients to create a more authentic and productive worklife that reflects both present needs and future goals. This personal and professional strategic planning work is future focused—and it is this very element of executive coaching that calls upon Suzy’s strengths, interests and skills. Suzy is a master at creating opportunities for clients to explore and refine the steps they will take to cultivate both their own growth, while enhancing the organization in which they serve.

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