Individualized Support for Key People

A professional coach enhances the way individuals think, work and succeed. Coaching is like a booster rocket that helps people communicate with greater effectiveness and be more emotionally intelligent with those around them. Improved workplace relationships is a typical outcome as employees become aware of their impact on others and understand their share of the responsibility. For supervisors and managers, coaching affords the chance to learn how to lead rather than direct. Throughout the process, the client has the opportunity to move beyond their self-perceived limits and gain fresh perspectives as they identify specific actions and new learning that improve themselves and help them become more effective team members. Better people make better organizations, so everyone should have a coach.

“The partners of RingSide Hospitality Group have always been aware of the importance of providing our executive team members with the tools they need to be successful. We sought coaching assistance from In-Accord when it became apparent that one of our executive team members lacked the communication and leadership skills necessary to reach their potential but had everything else needed to be successful in their role. It was a decision that was well worth the investment. Shortly after the team member began their coaching sessions, they were able to find their voice among the executive team and make a more positive impact on the employees they oversee. In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for In-Accord NW. I am confident that they will meet your expectations and help you to continue to find success within your staff.”
— Jan Peterson, Owner, Ringside Hospitality Group

 A Private Conflict

People are often disoriented during complex interpersonal conflicts. However, a conflict coach can help an individual understand how to manage the dispute. The coaching process provides individuals with an opportunity to consider different perspectives and potential responses to the situation. For example, they can strategize different resolution options in addition to deciding if and how to engage with the other person. The process also equips participants with the insights and skills to make better choices that serve both their own interests and those of their organization. Coaching improves an employee’s ability to work through a specific dispute, and it also provides an opportunity for personal growth to handle future conflicts. Learn about our other services for Interpersonal Workplace Conflict.