Individualized Support for Key People

A professional coach enhances the way individuals think, work and succeed. Coaching is like a booster rocket that helps people communicate with greater effectiveness and be more emotionally intelligent with those around them. Improved workplace relationships is a typical outcome as employees become aware of their impact on others and understand their share of the responsibility. For supervisors and managers, coaching affords the chance to learn how to lead rather than direct. Throughout the process, coaches have the opportunity to move beyond their self-perceived limits and gain fresh perspectives as they identify specific actions and new learning that improve themselves and help them become more effective team members. Better people make better organizations, so everyone should have a coach.

“The partners of RingSide Hospitality Group have always been aware of the importance of providing our executive team members with the tools they need to be successful. We sought coaching assistance from In-Accord when it became apparent that one of our executive team members lacked the communication and leadership skills necessary to reach their potential but had everything else needed to be successful in their role. It was a decision that was well worth the investment. Shortly after the team member began their coaching sessions, they were able to find their voice among the executive team and make a more positive impact on the employees they oversee. In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for In-Accord NW. I am confident that they will meet your expectations and help you to continue to find success within your staff.”
— Jan Peterson, Owner, Ringside Hospitality Group

 A Private Conflict

People are often disoriented during complex interpersonal conflicts. However, a conflict coach can help an individual understand how to manage the dispute. The coaching process provides individuals with an opportunity to consider different perspectives and potential responses to the situation. For example, they can strategize different resolution options in addition to deciding if and how to engage with the other person. The process also equips participants with the insights and skills to make better choices that serve both their own interests and those of their organization. Coaching improves an employee’s ability to work through a specific dispute, and it also provides an opportunity for personal growth to handle future conflicts. Learn about our other services for Interpersonal Workplace Conflict.

Kathleen Spike, Senior Coach, MCC

Kathleen Spike began her coaching focus in 1995 and works mostly with business owners, executives, and professional individuals. She was one of the first graduates of The Coaches Training Institute of San Francisco, California in 1995 and holds the organization’s Certified Professional and Personal Coach certificate. The International Coach Foundation recognized Kathleen’s coaching proficiency in 1998 and awarded her its highest designation as a Master Certified Coach, which she still retains. Kathleen co-founded the Portland, Oregon chapter of the Northwest Coaches Association/ICF Coaching Chapter in 1998 and served as one of its first presidents. She holds a BA in Business Management and Communication and operated a successful business for 26 years, prior to beginning her coaching work.

Kathleen’s straightforward, no-nonsense – yet full of wisdom – approach to business management and leadership communication benefits her clients by spurring high levels of growth and enhanced results. Kathleen is an Organizational Brokered Coach with The Coaches Training Institute, where she coaches at Nike, Airbnb, and other multinational companies. Her certifications in The Leadership Circle assessments, Enneagram, NLP, and hypnotherapy all enrich her clients’ experiences.

Jerry Zygmuntowicz, Senior Coach, MBA, PCC

Jerry helps executives realize outstanding results by developing their communication skills, emotional intelligence, and authenticity. His clients report breakthroughs in performance, increased personal power, better relationships, and more satisfaction. They value his credible, experience-based guidance and ability to relate to multiple disciplines and organizations.

For over 20 years, Jerry has helped leaders in Fortune 500, Government, and Non-profit organizations navigate and thrive through major challenges and transitions. He helps them develop leadership skills to deal with promotions, reorganizations, team morale issues, and conflict – and build resilience through downsizing, stress, health issues, and personal challenges.

Jerry earned MBA and Engineering degrees from Cornell University. He is certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation and a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). He utilizes assessments including Hogan, Myers-Briggs, and Strengths Finder.  He also delivers training, public workshops, serves as a mentor coach with Newfield Network, and volunteers with non-profits.

In one informative case, a general manager in a major corporation sought out Jerry to help him deal with challenges with his boss and organizational politics. He helped his client notice where conversations were missing, cultivate his communication skills, and develop the courage to have those dialogues. The GM became more comfortable making powerful requests – resulting in more visibility, increased budget, access to senior management, and a renewed sense of personal power. His client says “I really appreciated his approach, communication style, and keen listening and observational skills, and I found his deep insights and thought-provoking questions to be personally transformative and highly motivating”.

Jerry lives with his wife in Corvallis, Oregon. He loves sharing time with his son and two grandchildren. He enjoys the outdoors, travel, wine tasting, reading, films, music, men’s work, and spirituality.

Suzy Driver, Senior Coach

Suzy Driver is a life-long learner, observer, and seeker who brings diverse talents, interests, and skills to the work she engages in with her clients. Uniquely qualified with a background as an expert negotiator, facilitator, mediator, and lawyer, she is also grounded in the practice of coaching those who are eager to grow professionally and personally.

During the past 30 years, Suzy has worked as an attorney representing Indian tribes and the federal government. She has also worked as a negotiator and mediator who resolves natural resource disputes. Additionally, she has been a facilitator of personal and organizational strategic planning processes and a teacher of conflict resolution.

Suzy’s current dedicated work mirrors her transition from resolving client conflicts to encouraging clients to create a more authentic and productive work life that reflects both their present needs and future goals. This personal and professional strategic planning work is future-focused—and it is this very element of executive coaching that calls upon Suzy’s strengths, interests, and skills. She is a master at creating opportunities for clients to explore and refine the steps they will take to cultivate their own growth while enhancing the organization in which they serve.

Steve Thorson, MBA

Steve specializes in the development of Leaders, seeking leadership excellence for themselves and organizational health for the organizations they lead. Creating a collaborative environment where individual voices are heard, innovation occurs and accountability exists through a coaching approach to leading. Steve stands in his belief, faith and trust in the outcomes of a coach approach to leading because he knows from personal experience that it works. His invitation to others is to experience and experiment with the approach.

As a Certified Professional Coach with over 25 years of Operations Management experience, Steve’s clients include Executives and Senior Managers seeking leadership excellence in an organizational setting, business owners seeking balance in their life and leaders of groups and teams looking for increased collaboration and performance. A transformative approach to coaching results in clients, both individual and group, discovering an inner self and choosing agility, self-responsibility and contribution.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Technology from Central Washington University and a Master of Business Administration degree in Engineering and Technology Management from City University, Seattle.
Steve is an International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach with extensive experience in organizational and executive leadership engagements. Coaching competency is supplemented with accreditations in Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory®/Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™, Taylor Protocols Core Values Index™ and Tilt365’s suite of assessments.

Mike Curtis, Coach

Mike believes there is no greater motivation than what someone designs for themselves. He motivates and inspires his clients with objectivity and a focus on accountability. He excels at working with each person he coaches to define and leverage their unique abilities. He enables clients to explore their talents, achieve their goals and raise their performance.

Mike has been chosen as an executive coach by leaders of many organizations and has guided their development in many functions, strategies, collaboration, and results. He has coached leaders in a wide variety of industries, including government agencies, the automotive industry, tech companies, manufacturing, and Human Resources. He is certified in the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) and uses this assessment with clients to help them recognize how they interact with others and how to identify changes to be most effective in their growth. Mike has successfully coached leaders at companies such as Automatic Data Processing, CDK Global, Bonneville Power Administration, The Department of Interior, Wacom, and others.

He served for 28 years at ADP, a Fortune 200 company where he held multiple leadership roles. As National Technical Support Manager, and then as National Training Manager, Mike developed and implemented training and mentoring programs that were used nationally to reduce training time and increase productivity. He also successfully assisted in the design and rollout of ADP’s national internal coaching program.

Mike serves on the leadership team of the local chapter of the International Coach Federation and is an ICF Global member. He is a credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation. He received a BA from Concordia University Magna Cum Laude and a certificate in coaching through Corporate Coach U.

In his free time, Mike likes to competitively race sailboats on the Columbia River, enjoys cooking and fishing.