Small Team, Big Tension

Any small group, from your executive leadership team to an essential direct service department, can degrade from communicating to quarreling. You can see and sense it at every meeting. As relationships erode, team members spend more energy on taking sides or running for cover than on the mission.

“In-Accord’s professionalism and responsiveness is refreshing. They really took the time to understand our needs and the needs of the parties involved in the dispute, and their straightforward approach really helped move the process along.”
— Eric King, City Manager, City of Bend

“I was pleased to have the option of relying upon Debbie’s excellent mediation skills when dealing with many complex employee relations issues. Debbie skillfully guided mediation participants to mutual agreements, which assisted in repairing many difficult relationships… There were a few extremely difficult interpersonal relationships that were predictably headed toward disciplinary action and/or potential termination… Debbie mediated three of these sorts of complicated interpersonal relationships. With deep gratitude and admiration, I watched Debbie resolve disagreements in each of these relationships. All of those individuals continue to work together and have dramatically improved communication and productivity. I enthusiastically recommend Debbie to anyone who is in need of professional mediation services. She is truly remarkable.”
— Sheahan Griffitts, SPHR, Director of Human Resources, Inn at Spanish Head

Decision-Making Time…with a Twist of Tension

Your group has big decisions to make, such as creating next year’s strategic plan or determining how to enhance core services. Unfortunately, the tension in the air will make already difficult choices more onerous. You could run the meetings yourself, or you could hire a general facilitator. But is that the best move for meetings that really count?

“I spent some quality time with the report you wrote for us a few years ago and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated not only the investigation, but the quality of the writing… you’re good!”
— Ginnie Grilley, District Manager, Bureau of Land Management, Eugene District

“Thank you for the work that you have done. It has made a significant impact on the city’s Bureau of Development Services and relationships amongst the employee groups that you have worked with.”
— Kathy Sharp, HR Business Partner, City of Portland, Bureau of Development Services

“Thanks, In-Accord! Now I have a proven tool to help get us through some of these things! I appreciate what you’ve done to help us in a very difficult situation, and we will definitely be in touch should we need future similar services.”
— Kelly Dutra, Director, Washington County Consolidated Communication Agency (WCCCA)

In-Accord should be there. Assisting small groups who deal with important issues – especially in the face of conflict – is our expertise. Through attentive preparation and skillful meeting facilitation, we’ll help your group accomplish concrete tasks in ways that build relationships and working agreements.

The temptation to power through and ignore internal tension often contributes to simmering resentment and animosity. At best, this will fester in the form of low-grade grudges. At worst, unresolved group discord can rear up and scuttle your organization causing serious consequences. Resolving group conflict – using a business-like approach – is what we’re all about.