1. When Titans Tussle, Organizations Fall

When leaders don’t get along, your entire organization suffers.

Perhaps you hoped they’d work it out, or maybe you tried a sit-down chat with them. But they still struggle to communicate and work together. Their issues affect the people around them and threaten key outcomes.

These are among your best mission-critical people, but the organization may stumble if they don’t work it out.

When leaders don’t get along, the entire organization suffers. In this interview, C. DeVere Sheesley, a leading conflict resolution expert, answers questions about how to handle employee conflict in the workplace.

“Working with In-Accord has been a real pleasure. They have a unique ability to facilitate communication with individuals in high-tension situations in a way that develops understanding, mutual empathy, and trust. I would recommend him to any organizational leader faced with challenges with interpersonal relationships within teams.”
— Kevin G. Billingsley, MD, Division Chief, Surgical Oncology, Oregon Health & Science University

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting us to this point. It’s been a good process, and I appreciate what you’ve done for us.”
— Peter McGarry, Vice President, PacificSource Health Plans Provider Network

“I came to In-Accord because of an emotionally draining and ongoing conflict with a coworker. I hoped for success but wondered if substantial gains could be made in such a highly charged situation. Their masterful handling of the situation helped us to create a plan together, which greatly reduced animosity and increased compassion and support for each other. I would trust them with any situation requiring calm mentorship and thoughtful guidance.”
— Educational Services Employee

2. High Stakes Discord

You keep hoping that it won’t get worse between these employees. The tension and distraction are bad enough. But there are also real risks to your organization when employees get bogged down by conflict.

You might already measure the costs in lost opportunities, missed deadlines, a fumbled presentation, lost productivity, unwanted publicity, a potential lawsuit…it can be a lengthy list. You’ve listened to your employees’ concerns and intervened when you could. You may have decreed it’s time to get along and get back to work. But despite your best efforts, clashes continue, feelings smolder, and damages climb.

“I have been a client of In-Accord’s services, both as an HR professional and as a participant in a mediation event. These are often very sensitive circumstances with great potential for job loss and litigation. I found their services to be compassionately handled and the to-do-list practical from initial contact through follow-up. If working together is at all possible, In-Accord’s approach to mediation services will chart a course towards resolution.”
— Colleen Storms, Financial Manager, Longview Housing Authority

“In-Accord was engaged to assist a client with a difficult, persistent and vexing work place situation. They brought the right approach and best practices to the situation and resolved it to the satisfaction of both the employer and the employees. The action taken by In-Accord was prompt and cost effective and allowed the employer to avoid having to part with members of a skilled workforce in whom it had a substantial investment over internal interpersonal disputes. I strongly recommend In-Accord to anyone needing skilled professional services to improve the functioning of a workplace.”
– William F. Cloran, Attorney at Law

“In-Accord was instrumental in helping our employees resolve issues that were preventing them from working as a team. They were able to mediate a resolution that will help all involved to work together. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission was very satisfied with In-Accord’s work performance with our staff. They were able to work with the individuals to help them come to a resolution and reduce hard feelings for each other. In-Accord created a good atmosphere in which they were able to come together and discuss their issues. The involved employees stated that they appreciated In-Accord’s efforts and thank them for the work they did.”
— Deanna Jim-Juarez, Human Resources Manager, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

When it’s mission-critical, it’s time to call In-Accord. Upper-level managers turn to us when recognizing the need for an experienced, genuinely impartial professional to assist in resolving particularly disruptive disputes. Our expert facilitation helps people mired in conflict to communicate, negotiate, and resolve their issues. The result is improved interaction, effective working agreements, and enhanced productivity. But what doesn’t happen might be even more significant. No more infighting, wasted potential, or a threat of legal action.