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Work gets done when people get along. Crisis averted.

Fix Our Conflict

When leaders don’t get along, your entire organization suffers. Perhaps you hoped they’d work it out themselves, or maybe you’ve already tried a sit-down chat. But they still struggle to communicate and work together. Their issues affect the people around them and hinder outcomes.

Training and Skills Development

If your organization is like most, managers spend too much of their time dealing with personality conflicts, and employees inevitably bump against each other. It’s time to consider training to improve communication and work-based relationship skills and overcome these inevitable interpersonal tensions.

Award of Excellence

The Oregon Mediation Association unanimously presented its 2016 Award of Excellence in the private practitioner category to our president, Chris Sheesley. This award for outstanding service “recognizes individuals or organizations who have demonstrated exemplary service to the field of mediation and to OMA.”


You know how difficult and disruptive workplace conflict can be. Often what begins with a little tension between two people soon becomes everyone’s problem and otherwise good employees become derailed. It gets complicated and interferes with productivity, morale…you name it. Despite your best intentions and efforts, the situation may escalate out of control.

We’ve Gotta Talk


“I can’t tell you how much regard I have for [Chris Sheesley]…he is very skilled!”
Judy Clark, CEO, HR Answers

In-Accord has supported OHSU in resolving and mediating complex workplace dynamics for many years. Anytime we have brought a case to their team, we know it will result in improved relationships and communication. We enjoy collaborating and learning from their team of experts.”
Laura Stadum, Director, Oregon Health & Sciences University

“Chris has helped us get to a sense of collaboration and team work that we have spent 10 years aspiring toward and not achieving. I appreciate his efforts and finesse, and expect that we will want to use his services again.”
Dr. Tony Gay, M.D., Columbia Gorge Family Medicine

“Chris, you were a life-giver and saver! Thank you so much. Our relationships are VASTLY improved, and although the tension created by our work and structure remains, we handle it much more kindly and gently, and with much-improved communication. It is nice to know you can be there if and when we need you again! Thank you so much!”
Susan Stoltenberg, Executive Director (ret.), Impact Northwest

Susan Stoltenberg

You helped Workers’ Compensation Division tremendously in figuring out how to go about the work of reviewing what we do, how we do it, and how we could improve our effectiveness. You did this with great patience and humor. Feedback from our staff and managers was consistently very positive about their work with you. You demonstrated yourself to be a very skilled facilitator in a number of different settings. You also provided the executive management team with greater insight into how the process was working. You were straightforward and timely with providing feedback from review participants, which helped us to identify potential issues needing to be addressed. I’m very impressed with your work, Chris.
John Shilts, Administrator (ret.), Workers’ Compensation Division