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Tooth and Claw


Tooth and Claw Toward the end of a presentation to managers regarding collaborative conflict resolution skills, I paused for questions. Up shot [...]

Tooth and Claw2024-06-10T08:19:49-07:00

Mediation is Not Discipline


Mediation is Not Discipline I once had a case between a high-level supervisor and her employee. The Vice President “strongly encouraged” them to [...]

Mediation is Not Discipline2024-06-10T08:53:00-07:00

Thanks, Jerk!


Thanks, Jerk! The best book I haven’t read is entitled Thank You for Being Such a Jerk. To be honest, I don't [...]

Thanks, Jerk!2024-06-10T08:44:59-07:00

Impartial Activists


Impartial Activists If you have ever interacted with a professional conflict resolver and heard words like "restore," "empower," or "heal," then you [...]

Impartial Activists2024-06-10T08:43:51-07:00

Adopt Impartiality


Adopt Impartiality What is Impartiality in mediation? A decision to operate, at least temporarily, in a manner that supports all parties equally [...]

Adopt Impartiality2024-06-10T08:37:44-07:00
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