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Want to educate, entertain, and plain old “wow” an assembly of employees or conference attendees about conflict resolution in the workplace?

Conflict Confidence Leading to Resolution

Description: If you are like most leaders, you experience some aversion to the messiness of interpersonal conflict among employees. But fear not, this presentation will give you a boost of confidence – along with key skills – to wade into the fray and successfully manage disputes. Your workshop leader brings 32 years of professional resolution expertise together to help you reconsider and enhance your response to workplace infighting. You will learn how people become deeply entangled in conflict and how you can help them find their way back to productivity and restored relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe how you can be more confident and constructive amid workplace conflict.
  • List three ways people become entrapped in conflict to help you recognize the pitfalls.
  • Name and apply the antidotes to each conflict pitfall.

Fixing Workplace Conflict

Description: You’re surrounded by conflict, but don’t give up. The savvy response to the uncomfortable messiness of workplace discord is to develop keener insights and skills that reduce its negative impact. Through this engaging presentation, you’ll gain easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply insights that aid you in becoming a truly helpful and effective resolver.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the five apparent barriers to solving serious discord.
  • Describe two tools for overcoming each barrier.
  • Apply the surprising power of impartiality.

“I have been talking about your presentation to ANYONE who will listen to me! You absolutely ROCKED IT! Your message was clean and clear and delivered in a powerful and entertaining way.I will definitely keep you in mind – I’d love to have you do exactly that (and maybe so much more) at New Seasons Market.”
— Dana Pratt, SPHR, CPLP, Director of Staffing & Development, New Seasons Market

“Engaging, hands-on, practical, and solidly grounded.”
— Gary Langenwalter, Managing Partner, Portland Consulting Group

“I went to many workshops at the [NHRMA] conference, and… I just wanted to say that your presentation helped me understand conflict on a more fundamental level than anything I’ve ever encountered. Far and away, the most beneficial and eye-opening experience of the conference for me. Thank you so much for being a part of it.”
— Zack O’Connor, PHR, Humans + Resources, Fort George Brewery + Public House

“We ventured out of our normal subject matter and invited In-Accord to speak on the topic of conflict resolution to our Association of Financial Professionals. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw that not only was there a great deal of interest in the topic of conflict resolution, but that our members had a chance to engage and interact with each other in new, meaningful ways during the presentation.

The subject of conflict and its resolution is vital to the smooth functioning of any organization or department, regardless of industry. The presenter gave our members tools for conflict resolution that are extremely effective and applicable to a broad range of circumstances. I highly recommend inviting In-Accord to share with your professional association. Regardless of the industry, your members will be better off for the experience.”

—David M. Wilcox, Association for Financial Professionals

Laura Testimonial

“If you are looking for additional speakers, we highly recommend Chris Sheesley with In-Accord NW. Chris is a wonderful speaker and a well-known mediator. Your members would benefit from hearing from him and awareness of how mediation can assist in the success of any organization.”
—Laurie Grenya, President, HR Answers

“In-Accord’s presentation of ‘Conflict Resolution for Organization Development Professionals’ was an entertaining discussion that gave me new perspectives on something I’ve encountered frequently in my career as an executive and consultant – dealing with conflicts. In-Accord has distilled his extensive experience into practical elements that ring true to my experience and give me a framework that will help deal with conflicts in a more focused and effective way.”
—Thomas V. Robertson, Ph.D., Thinking Teams

“In-Accord’s Chris Sheesley came down to Roseburg for us on very short notice, and he really made everything so easy and seamless for our Chapter. The presentation was great. He was very engaging and used real-life examples that HR professionals can relate to on a daily basis. The feedback I received from our group were all great reviews – nothing negative! I highly recommend Chris and In-Accord for any supervisory crowd!”
—Rheanna Mosier, Program Chair, Douglas County Society for Human Resource Management