Conflict Resolution Guarantee

Our record demonstrates that we will expertly and tenaciously work toward resolving your situation.

However, no one can guarantee success when managing conflict.

Factors beyond our control include:

  • Systemic conflict caused by organizational structure, leadership, or culture
  • Individual intransigence, absence of motivation, or psychopathology
  • The escalatory nature of conflict and where a situation is in the cycle.

More appropriate alternatives to address the problem:

    • Fact-finding, investigation
    • Progressive disciple, transfer, resignation, termination
    • Policy changes, restructuring, leadership directives
    • Grievance, arbitration, litigation
    • Advocacy, activism

If your situation is unresolvable through our methods, we will summarize what was accomplished and suggest alternatives. You can proceed to the next steps knowing that every possibility for collaborative resolution was provided.

“Like most folks, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of bringing in a third party to help resolve our conflict, but I found the process with In-Accord to be productive and positive. They didn’t magically make our issues go away, but they did provide a safe, structured atmosphere for some very constructive conversation. In-Accord helped us clarify the issues and led us to a better understanding of the underlying cause of some of our problems. Well worth the time and effort. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on In-Accord again if a similar situation arises.”
— Gene Skrine, Team Leader (ret.), U.S. Forest Service

“In-Accord swooped in and worked with a team in need. Valuable lessons were imparted and the team expressed much gratitude for the guidance and knowledge gained.”
— Andrew Sanis, RN, Manager ITS, Asante