Rhea DuMont

Rhea DuMont (She/Her) is a seasoned conflict resolution professional with an MA in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. Bringing a decade and a half of experience to her work at In-Accord, she is a mission-driven leader dedicated to fostering impactful change within individuals, teams, programs, and organizations. Rhea’s leadership style mobilizes people to generate a shared sense of inspiration, joint leadership, and collaboration toward achieving equity driven results.

Specializing in restorative approaches to conflict, harm, and organizational transformation, Rhea has nearly 15 years of experience translating theory into practice. She has facilitated numerous restorative processes; designed and implemented programs and training curriculum; mentored and trained new practitioners; successfully led multi-stakeholder initiatives within union environments; implemented restorative practices in government organizations; and offers coaching, consultation, and facilitation for organizational health.

In academia, Rhea published a peer-reviewed volume, “Conflict Transformation: Essays on Methods of Nonviolence,” with McFarland. This work highlights marginalized and under- represented voices in the field of Conflict Resolution, reflecting Rhea’s commitment to equity and inclusion in all aspects of her work.

In one experience of her work, Rhea facilitated transformative group processes for a dysfunctional team in a union environment, fostering trust and collaboration. By emphasizing relationships, deep listening, addressing unmet needs, prioritizing wellness, and valuing each team member, a cultural transformation ensued, leading to unprecedented team outputs and outcomes.

Outside of work, Rhea enjoys her garden, outdoor adventures, yoga, and quality time with loved ones around a table filled with good food.

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