Yvette Durazo


Yvette brings innovative techniques to promote a positive workplace culture in organizations to encourage trust, productive human capital engagement, and inclusion. Clients benefit from her wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the art of building a trusting workplace relationship. Some of her services included, Unitive Way training, mediating conflicts in the workplace, anti-bullying prevention, settlement negotiations, developing dispute system design, and bringing unique strategies to address the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workplace. In addition, Yvette teaches at various universities.

She is passionate about optimizing professionals and teams to engage in constructive problem-solving communication toward instilling respect, civility, and collaboration. She believes that human conflict is one of the most important things organizations must learn to work with and harness to overcome any derailing of employees’ performance and engagement. Her methodologies are like a vitamin that is the breath of life to the immunity of organizations. Yvette has worked as a conflict resolution expert for over a decade and has taught university-level curriculum for over 12 years in the entire field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She began her consulting work in 2011 and recently joined the In-Accord team.

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Conflict Resolution, Facilitation

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