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Abby Chroman is a mediator and facilitator working with businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations to find new possibilities in conflict settings. While getting a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University, Abby helped to develop a mediation resource center for the campus community, and discovered an effective way to build conflict resilience with teams. She applied the same approach when she co-founded XFORM, and through her training and mediation, has strengthened the capacity of entire organizations to move through tension and change. Her work with In-Accord focuses on helping colleagues improve important workplace relationships.

Abby is also a Program Manager for Social Innovation at Portland State University, using business tools to address pressing social and environmental issues. She leads a Graduate Certificate and a Business Minor in Social Innovation, international field studies, an immersive conference, a systems mapping competition, and participation in global social innovation networks.

Abby is a Futures Fellow at Portland State University, she serves on the Board of Advisors for The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Hub in Portland, and she is always up for a good adventure.

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Mediation, Conflict Resolution

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