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Jennifer Starr, MCC, works with leaders who are dedicated to evolving their best selves and developing their authentic leadership style, effectiveness and influence. Through commitment to their own growth and development, her clients experience improved communication, better work relationships, the ability to effectively meet challenges and inspire collaboration and trust in their teams and workplace. This kind of leadership creates a sustainable impact in the world.

Jennifer brings more than twenty years of experience and 10,000+ professional coaching hours to her role at In-Accord. She has worked with executive leaders and delivered coaching skills training within organizations, government agencies and the public sector. Jennifer infuses her work with an intuitive and creative approach to raise client self-awareness, expand perspective, tap unique genius, and open up new pathways for more effective and influential leadership.

As one physician client shared, “In the years I’ve worked with Jennifer, I’ve made two major career evolutions, two major relationship changes, and two enormous geographic changes. I’m living the best life I’ve ever had– it’s all different, it all works, and is a manifestation of ideas I began to articulate with Jennifer years ago.”

In addition to the work outlined above, Jennifer is an entrepreneur and leader with over 35 years of service in a range of professional arenas. She founded her own companies, built vibrant teams and successfully led leaders and teams in several organizations. She holds numerous supplementary certificates and has received training in a range of modalities and assessments that support her work as a coach/mentor/trainer. These include Core Values Index®, Tilt365®, DISC, CliftonStrengths, Expressive Arts Therapy®, Voice Dialogue.

Loving the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as well as being a world traveler, Jennifer makes her home in Central Oregon and enjoys hiking, kayaking, RV camping, photography & painting. She’s a proud Oregonian and a true Global Citizen.

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