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Lindsay Christensen

Lindsay (she/her) is the Program Coordinator for In-Accord, as well as a mediator, restorative dialogue facilitator, and conflict transformation professional. A “systems thinker with heart,” Lindsay helps organizations realize their vision through project/program management, accountability-based group processes, and streamlined workflow systems. She holds a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University and has completed coursework in Organizational Management and Consulting.

Fascinated by human and group psychology, Lindsay enjoys helping improve workplace culture and the relationships which sustain it. She has designed and facilitated numerous workshops, strategic planning sessions, dialogues, and retreats for leadership teams including Portland State University, Compassion Connect, and the Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society. Lindsay believes that true leadership comes from connecting and empowering people, as well as in understanding and giving voice to the myriad needs and interests at play in any given situation.

In one case, Lindsay helped two members of a local community achieve healing and resolution in a restorative dialogue centering on experiences of unwanted attention and sexual harm. In a supportive forum created by Lindsay and her co-facilitator Abby Bowman, the harmed party was able to speak to the impact of the other’s actions, express boundaries, and make clear requests around interactions and space-sharing. The person responsible for harm was able to hear and better understand the impact of their actions, take accountability, and commit to repair in ways that supported their own personal growth, the wellbeing of the person harmed, and the overall health of the shared community.

Lindsay is a longtime Lindy hopper and partner dancer, and has danced her way through cities across the US and in countries including Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden. When not hiking, camping, or birdwatching, Lindsay enjoys playing and designing boardgames and puzzle-based games, baking bread, meditating, snuggling with her cat, and learning how to better care for her 60+ houseplants.

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Mediation, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution

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