Ryan Nakade

Ryan has been a mediator since 2019 and provides facilitation services for the Oregon Department of Human Services. With his facilitation and mediation skills, Ryan helps parties collaborate toward win-win solutions, making all feel heard and acknowledged along the way.

Ryan also contracts with the Beaverton Center for Mediation and Dialogue, where he leads community dialogue workshops emphasizing political depolarization. He has led workshops for communities in conflict around divisive social issues like vaccines and race. He leads Diversity Equity and Inclusion trainings for mediators and organizations emphasizing a holistic and integrative approach to understanding identity and cultural conflict. Ryan currently co-leads the Portland Response Team, where he partners with numerous mediation, anti-violence, and community organizations to make Portland a safer and more peaceful city.

Ryan is passionate about using mediation to help participants develop insight into their own worldview. In a particular case around identity and diversity, he helped the parties become aware of the clash of paradigms that subtly underpinned the conflict. This insight helped the parties achieve mutual understanding and empathy toward each other, while paving the way for future collaboration.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, eight goats, and reading about philosophy, politics, and systems theory. He dreams of building a conflict-resilient society where we all learn and grow from our differences and disagreements.

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Mediation, Facilitation

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