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Sandra Jackson specializes in mediation, facilitation, and related training skills. She has a passion for helping people have open, honest, and productive conversations to gain clarity, create understanding, and generate forward-thinking. Her mediation experience includes workplace, business, contractual, residential, and community cases. In addition to her work with In-Accord, she mediates for the Multnomah County Court system where she has been a trainer since 2014. Sandra also serves as a trainer for East County Resolutions’ mediation program dating from 2016. Sandra was the recipient of the Oregon Mediation Association Shannon Steward Award of Excellence in 2014.

Sandra’s facilitation experience consists of retreats, board meetings, team-building sessions, and community-input events. She has led strategic planning initiatives for the private sector, government agencies, and non-profits. In addition, Sandra facilitates foreclosure avoidance conferences as well as Department of Human Services (DHS) family decision meetings. Beyond her direct service work, Sandra provides training in communication, conflict management, and facilitation skills.

In one case an organization reached out for assistance with an issue between an employee and an upper-level manager. The issue and strained relationship between the employee and manager were beginning to impact an entire team. Sandra applied her mediation skills and proven process steps to create a safe space for these individuals to have a productive conversation and avoid causing further harm. The dialogue involved discussion around issues of race, as well as the impacts of decisions and work practices. They left with new understandings and a clear path to move forward, including commitments to have more open communication and implement concrete steps to make meaningful changes in both their work and relationship.

Sandra enjoys going for walks in the sunshine, “puttering” around her house, and most of all spending time with her family.

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